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Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education (2994-9521)

The Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education (ISSN 2994-9521) is a distinguished, double-blind, peer-reviewed publication that operates on a monthly basis. Dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge, this esteemed international journal serves as a vital platform for academics, researchers, and educators to share their profound insights and expertise with a global audience. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, EIMJ publishes cutting-edge research that delves deep into multifaceted topics, enriching the scholarly landscape. Emphasizing the significance of rigorous evaluation, the journal boasts a swift and meticulous peer review process, ensuring the dissemination of high-quality and well-vetted contributions to the academic community worldwide.


Synergy: Cross-Disciplinary Journal of  Digital Investigation (2995-4827)

Synergy: Cross-Disciplinary Journal of  Digital Investigation (2995-4827) covers a broad array of subjects related to digitalization, science, and security throughout the computerized world. The primary pillar of this publication is digital evidence and multimedia, with the core qualities of provenance, integrity, and authenticity. This publication promotes advances in investigating forensic science, computer science, data science, and artificial intelligence applied to digital evidence involving digital evidence, using scientific practices in digital investigations and reducing the use of technology for criminal purposes.


Valeology: International Journal of Medical Anthropology and Bioethics (2995-4924)

Valeology: International Journal of Medical Anthropology and Bioethics (IJMAB) with U.S. 2995-4924 is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles in areas of medical humanities, bioethics, and related topics. IJMAB aims to encourage a high academic standard for enhanced professional and public discussion on the topics of medical humanities, anthropology, cultural studies related to health, the human body, bioethics and public health. The journal encourages the development of a pedagogical approach of each of the main topics.



Innovative: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Applied Technology

Innovative: International Multidisciplinary Journal of Applied Technology (2995-486X)

 Innovative: International Multidisciplinary Journal of Applied Technology (IMJAT) with U.S ISSN 2995-486X  covers research and development activities in the area of applied technology in the following scope and focus: Chemical and Process Technology, Food Chemistry and Technology, Vegetable and Essential Oil Technology, Natural Products and Pharmacy, Analytical Chemistry, Material Technology, Energy Technology, Catalyst Technology, Polymer Science and Environmental Science.