Enhancement of Execution Time and Management in a Smart City Environment
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Smart city
Execution time
Computing offloading
Edge computing
Cloud computing

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Enhancement of Execution Time and Management in a Smart City Environment. (2024). Innovative: International Multidisciplinary Journal of Applied Technology (2995-486X), 2(6), 20-37. https://multijournals.org/index.php/innovative/article/view/1737


The research focuses on improving task execution and aid management in clever towns, where interconnected gadgets and systems collaborate to improve citizens' excellent of existence. The research proposes an efficient computation offloading mechanism for clever cities, leveraging network facet infrastructure. This mechanism offloads computationally extensive tasks from aid-constrained devices to greater effective aspect servers or cloud assets, lowering the load on local devices. The mechanism makes use of dynamic choice-making algorithms considering factors like tool abilties, network situations, project requirements, and person preferences. The research suggests huge enhancements in execution time, power efficiency, and system performance in smart town contexts, supplying sensible insights for designing and enforcing smart city infrastructures, optimizing resource usage, and improving consumer revel in.

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