Using Action Games in Teaching Volleyball Game Techniques
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offensive technique
defensive technique
passing technique
receiving the ball
player position
sports field

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qizi , X. D. M. (2024). Using Action Games in Teaching Volleyball Game Techniques. Excellencia: International Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Education (2994-9521), 2(7), 96-99.


This article is devoted to various techniques of volleyball, in particular, offensive and defensive actions. The volleyball game is played on a rectangular field measuring 18x9 meters. Players learn and practice passing, receiving, and blocking techniques. Passing technique is a fundamental part of the game and plays an important role in attack and defense. There are different ways to pass: two-handed overhead, two-handed down, one-handed overhead and underhand, and jumping. In the defensive technique, various methods of receiving the ball are widely used, in particular, reception from below with two hands. The movements of the player's body and legs are of great importance in this technique. Blocking technique is designed to block the opponent's ball, and a lot of attention is paid to the position of the player's body and hands.

The article covers various aspects of volleyball technique and gives practical advice to players on receiving, passing and blocking the ball.

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