A Synergic Approach to Studying the Essence of the Phenomenon “Radicalization of Youth” and the Factors Contributing to its Development
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youth radicalism
labor market

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Shukhratovich , A. D. (2024). A Synergic Approach to Studying the Essence of the Phenomenon “Radicalization of Youth” and the Factors Contributing to its Development. Excellencia: International Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Education (2994-9521), 2(7), 34-44. https://doi.org/10.5281/


The socio-economic transformation of our society, the transition of the country's economy to market relations, changes in social relations make it urgent to formulate the task of a complete and comprehensive study of the radicalization of young people and the factors affecting their development from the standpoint of using "synergetic" analysis. In this context, "unemployment" and "poverty" as a social phenomenon, in one form or another, can become a starting point for the transition of young people from moderate to radical positions.

Modern youth unemployment and poverty in Uzbekistan have specific features. They are conditioned, on the one hand, by the unstable situation in the market, and on the other hand, by processes in the socio-economic sphere, leading to the impossibility of young people realizing their labor potential. The study conducted by the author made it possible to identify the features of the social portrait of unemployment and poverty at the present stage of development and its causes. The article also defines the concepts, essence and measures to combat "unemployment" and "poverty".

The relevance of the study in this area is necessary for the analysis and subsequent timely identification of the noted factors of radicalization in order to prevent their further escalation, as well as timely suppression at the stage of their development [1, p.923-924].

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