Review Article about the Use of Lasers in Ophthalmology
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Review Article about the Use of Lasers in Ophthalmology. (2024). Innovative: International Multidisciplinary Journal of Applied Technology (2995-486X), 2(6), 84-92.


It has now been more than twenty-five years since the invention of the laser using a ruby crystal as a laser medium. During that time, the laser was not limited to just being used in our daily conversation, but rather it began to develop from a scientific curiosity of limited use until it became one of the most important inventions of our time. The laser is now an important tool in various fields such as industry and medicine, and represents the basic tool in communications and holographic systems, as well as the solid basis for many scientific measurements and research programs. . In any case, everyone uses laser as a general term for different types of lasers with different characteristics. Lasers emit radiation that has special characteristics, which helps in their use in a wide range of applications other than ordinary light sources. In light of the wide applications of lasers, it is clear that non-physicist users need to acquire new information about lasers so that they can understand the specific applications that interest them, as well as realize the advantages of this knowledge, which will of course enable them to make a rational choice of lasers, auxiliary compounds, and the limitations of laser use. others that they wish to purchase. The list of users includes mechanical engineers, electronics specialists, civil engineers, communications engineers, chemists, surgical life scientists, military personnel, artists, and others. Tasks: The la Bseecrauhsaesoef nitsteprreodpemrtiaens, yitacraenabseoufsleifdeabseactaouolsfeorlamsaenry rpaeyosplaere ordinary light rays. The laser is a double- edged weapon used in peace as well as in war. It is electromagnetic with a known energy and a selective ability directed to specific targets. The uses of lasers cover various aspects of life, so the laser today is one of the most important and most widely used tools of modern life. There is no doubt that the great development in laser surgery has brought about a qualitative leap in the treatment of many medical problems, such as eye surgery and the treatment of various skin disorders. Laser belts have replaced the surgical scalpel in some operations because of their high accuracy in cutting tissue and reducing postoperative bleeding.

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